Did you ever imagine that learning can become fun and interactive ?

Iken Library is a learning system that replaces conventional teaching with a new form of learning that seamlessly integrates a Digital content repository and a Learning System.

This library not only functions as a knowledge house but also facilitates in analyzing the competence of the students and supplements with other aid to facilitate learning with its vivid features. In short, Iken Library seeks to engage, entertain, and educate children.

The Learning System

iKen Library is an comprehensive tool for effective education planning and teaching resource management. It is loaded to brim with features like lesson planner, test makes, whiteboard, search, gadgets, media players, reporting tool to name a few. It supplements the educator’s delivery model and to effectively engage students for enjoyable and result-oriented learning.

Digital Content Repository

iKen Library equips learners and educators with digital resources such as Videos, animations, mind-maps, slide shows, e-books, activity, question bank etc to enhance learning and teaching experience.
It is one of the largest and most comprehensive resource bank that suit various study curriculum. The learning resources are created by eminent panel of educationists from MEXUS education comprising of IITians, management graduates, communication professionals and ardent educational entrepreneurs.